What we do


To establish how the concept of the household is defined and used in household surveys in sub-Saharan Africa and the implications of these definitions for analyses and policy-making.

  • Review of definitions and applications of the concept of households in household surveys in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Review the understanding and awareness of varying concepts of the household by key international and national producers and consumers of household survey data.
  • Description of diverse basic social units in a range of Tanzanian settings
  • Scenario modelling of the impact of different household concepts on socio-demographic indicators
  • How are survey conceptions of the ‘household’ at odds with the local reality of households?
  • What are the characteristics of the differences between survey and local definitions of the household?
  • What are the implications of current household definitions for analyses and policy decisions?
  • How might differences in the survey and local conception of the household impact on analyses and policy making?
  • How could household surveys be improved in order to better capture the reality/ realities of households?
  • Do end-users of household survey data ever consider the implications of the definition of the household for their analyses or results?